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We have an extensive collection of resource links we are happy to share with you. Here are just a few of them. We have compiled these quick lists of community resource materials, local nonprofits that concern themselves with community-wide issues, other interesting sites and blogs, as well as links related to specific meeting topics. Please explore the links below and feel free to make suggestions for new listings. 
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other web sites with valuable community, neighborhood, homeowner, condominium, or civic association information include:

links related to specific CONA meeting topics 
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links related to topics at other community meetings 
Alternative visions of Sarasota 
Better Government Association of Sarasota County  —  February 21, 2015
moderator, Wade Matthews  -  panelists, Charles Hines, Jon Thaxton, Bill Zoller

Follow four links provided by Sarasota County Action Network to video segments of this forum. An officer of CONA, Bill Zoller, was on the panel and three other of our directors or officers were present and participated in the passionate discussion. In the last video, Jon Thaxton presented our award-winning 1981 comprehensive plan map we should have continued to follow—but haven't—we need to return to using it.  
Urban farming and food sources
SCOPE - Sarasota County Openly Plans for Excellence 
speaker, John McCarthy — September 14, 2015 CONA meeting 
Making neighborhood water features beautiful, natural, and healthy 
speakers, Russ Hoffman, Nathan Hoffman — November 9, 2015 CONA meeting 
  • Ecopsychology - Florida Native Plant Society, Laurie Sheldon, November 28, 2014

neighbors helping neighborhoods
since 1961
Historic preservation adds value to your home and community  
speaker, Lorrie Muldowney — February 8, 2016 CONA meeting
local news
Sarasota News Leader

Compatible development outcome after fifteen years of wrangling on the bayou
speakers, Jim Bridges,Joel Freedman join Jennifer Ahearn-Koch, Kafi Benz, 
Don Farr, Yvonne Lacey, and Pola Sommers — March 14, 2016 CONA meeting

Neighborhoods are sacredto New Urbaniststhe neighborhood is completely fundamental to planning.  — Andres Duany 

notable videos
Mary Jelks 
Myakka prairie ecosystem
a WaterAtlas production
roundabout navigation
Sarasota County production
Comprehensive plan update handout
speaker, Dan Lobeck — October 10, 2016 CONA meeting