Since 1961, CONA exists to
1.  further the overall interests and provide a voice for homeowners and condominium associations and neighborhood groups throughout Sarasota County, Florida 
2.  provide practical association-related information to and encouraging networking among member associations on community concerns and issues 
3.  urge local and state government to encourage sensible growth and protect existing neighborhoods from incompatible development, adverse environmental impacts, and other actions adversely affecting Sarasota County neighborhood and overall public interests.

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president:                  Kafi Benz 
vice president:          Bill Zoller
vice president:          Melanie Goddard
secretary:                   Mary Butler 
​treasurer:                  Nike McBride

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P O Box 15788
Sarasota, Florida 34277

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CONA facts

CONA is an acronym for council of neighborhood associations. CONA is short for our formal name, Sarasota County Council of Neighborhood Associations, Inc. 
We were founded in 1961.
CONA represents more than seventy neighborhood, condominium, resident, and homeowner organizations whose members include more than 35,000 Sarasota citizens, as well as, our civic organization and its individual members. Individual memberships are available for those without an organizational relationship with CONA, those wishing to receive all member correspondence and notices, and those wishing to provide additional support as donors. 
​      ​         
CONA officers and directors live in neighborhoods throughout Sarasota County and its municipalities.

CONA presented a workshop on its philosophy, methods, and benefits at the 2016 state conference of neighborhoods, encouraging the formation of similar civic organizations by neighborhoods throughout the state.

CONA mission statement
Neighbors helping neighbors since 1961