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Sarasota County government
  web site:    telephone: (941) 861-5000
  county commission  link: meetings and agendas
  planning commission  link: agendas and information
  published public notices  link: in local newspaper    

web sites
Longboat Key

North Port



  departments and services (partial)​

  neighborhood services   link   contacts: link   e-mail:
  • Neighborhood Notification List: In order to obtain notification of zoning, comprehensive plan, or other important workshops and meetings, your association should register with the county Neighborhood Services Department  
        To register your association or to update contact information, click here.  

   planning services (land use and comprehensive plan)  link  
  • ​planning contact:  planner-of-the-day (941) 861-5244   e-mail:

  development services (zoning)  link
  • building permits contact:  Greg Yartono (941) 861-6020 
  • zoning administrator:  Brad Bailey (941) 861-6161
  health department  link
  • ​health department contact:  Diane Shipley (941) 861-2852
  parks and recreation  link
  • ​parks and recreation contact:  (941) 861-5483
  historical resources - History Center  link     ​
  • self-guided walking tour of county seat civic center and theatre arts district link 
     For a complete list of county contacts by subject matter, click here
Sarasota County Sheriff 

emergency calls 911
web site:
non-emergencies and information calls
Sheriff department dispatch:  (941) 316-1201
crime mappingto find information about crime in your neighborhood and others, select this crime map and enlarge it, then click on areas of interest.  
Metropolitan Planning Organization
The metropolitan planning organization serving residents of 
Sarasota is included in a two-county organization, the 
Sarasota-Manatee Metropolitan Planning Organization
MPOs are federally-mandated planning organizations for any 
self-defined region of more than 50,000 residents. 
They plan for the major roads and regional transportation for 
an area through the actions of several boards that include elected representatives of the governments within the area covered, their appointed citizen representatives, and appointed technical representatives. Our MPO has several other boards and committees. 
There is an extensive amount of material on the site, a blog, calendars, agendas, 
meeting schedules, minutes, many videos, and many links. Join their mailing list 
to keep well-informed and to be able to attend their meetings.   
Strategic Mobility Plan

Representatives of the MPO asked to meet with the CONA board in April 2015. The MPO staff is seeking input from citizens and organizations about needs and issues with transportation. The MPO has established a web site (link below), to give citizens and organizations an opportunity to give input. The MPO intends to make this a continuing dialogue through the web site as they wrestle with the future of the two counties. Transportation networks and types are primary generators of patterns of development—a decision to build a road or a rail line, or a bus line, may have major implications for the form and type of development that will follow—and be assured, development will follow. We seem to have it backward around here, where transportation always is playing catch up to ill-planned development (e.g., diverging diamond interchange after the fact of a bad decision to allow the UTC with inadequate transportation—at a cost that will go to more than $100,000,000).
This is an opportunity for you and your organization, whether you are in Sarasota or in Manatee, to have a say ahead of time. Remember: with Sarasota County's doing away with many requirements to make development pay for the infrastructure needs it creates (once again, the UTC and the diverging diamond), we taxpayers will end up paying for most of these costs.
strategic mobility plan web site:

since 1961

Agricultural Extension Service 

municipal government informational resources

Sarasota Commissioners Corner 
  housing first solution to homelessness

Sarasota Bay Estuary Program
Sarasota Bay Estuary Program is an intergovernmental 
partnership dedicated to restoring Sarasota Bay. 
Their partners include Sarasota and Manatee counties, the 
cities of Sarasota and Bradenton, the town of Longboat Key, 
Southwest Florida Water Management District, Florida 
Department of Environmental Protection, and the United
States Environmental Protection Agency. 

Annual grant programs (for up to $4,000) are available for neighborhood or community projects, see grants for details and application dates. 
The program is one of twenty-eight national estuary programs in the United States. 
Volunteer opportunities include serving on advisory committees.


Regional Traffic
Management Center

link to RTMC

live camera feeds
and reports about
traffic conditions
 in our region
Smart Traffic web site
 allows public access to 
real-time camera footage 
via more than 200 CCTV cameras from
Parrish to North Port 
clicking one of its blue icons provides live stream video

(see details below)

Regional Traffic Management Center  
Sarasota-Manatee RTMC
The Sarasota-Manatee Regional Traffic Management Center (RTMC) is the hub for operation, maintenance, and monitoring of advanced traffic management systems in the two-county region. RTMC staff monitors and reports on traffic conditions and incidents, and promptly makes any temporary traffic signal timing changes in response to ensure traffic flows more smoothly around affected areas. Follow the RTMC live camera feeds throughout Manatee and Sarasota counties. This website is not to be used while driving. Always avoid distractions when you’re behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. 
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