CONA is a nonprofit civic organization that represents, educates, and assists more than seventy neighborhood, condominium, homeowner, and other civic associations, plus individual members dedicated to working to protect neighborhood interests and to providing a voice for all of the neighborhoods in Sarasota County.  
We were founded in 1961. 
CONA exists to leverage the power of neighborhoods and to make Sarasota County more neighborhood-friendly.
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links to notable CONA meeting videos and articles from our archives

twentieth state neighborhoods conference workshop about CONA - our philosophy, methods, benefits   part 1  part 2

October 2012 meeting on ballot amendments:  part 1  and  part 2

Stan Zimmerman, Sarasota News Leader article:  CONA speakers sound the foreclosure alarm

Foreclosure Mess 101 with April Charney and Matt Weidner:  September 10, 2012 CONA meeting video

neighbors helping neighborhoods since 1961

     revive our vision of Sarasota 
Many of our meetings will be focusing on this. We have launched our effort to revisit our vision of the county, developed previously with much community involvement, but that seems to have been lost, in order to get us back on the track our community desires. 
Get on board as we revive the vision we are on the verge of losing forever.
Katherine Salvatori was awarded the 2016 CONA scholarship, seen here with president Kafi Benz
Nora Patterson, Kafi Benz, Mary Butler when Mary is nominated to the board of directors on 2016.05.09
Lorrie Muldowney presents the value of historic preservation for the February 8, 2016 CONA meeting
audience gathering
Control Growth Now luncheon 2012 honoring CONA president Lourdes Ramirez as Citizen of the Year
CGN lunch with CONA president Lourdes Ramirez, Siesta Key Village Assn, Russell Mathes
and Siesta Key Chamber of Commerce, Cheryl Gaddie
May 2012 CONA meeting with speaker, Sarasota County GM John McCarthy
Sarasota city manager Tom Barwin at September 2012 CONA meeting
county administrator Randall Reid, special guest speaker at February 2012 CONA meeting.
September 10, 2012 CONA meeting on the Foreclosure Mess - quite a crowd!
special guest speakers Matt Weidner and April Charney (right side) discuss issues before September 2012 CONA meeting
in background SNN interviews April Charney and Matt Weidner while CONA members and visitors wait for September 2012 meeting to start
candidate forum
Susan Chapman speaking at candidate forum
Swormstedt honored 2017

is posted

We encourage you to take action in order to help the effort for clean water.
** Please sign the petition to have an amendment added to the state constitution.** 

Signatures of registered voters are needed on the non-partisan petition in order to get it on the ballot so the voters may grant the right to clean water to all Floridians
To have the non-partisan petition sent to you click here